Zendesk Product Demo Videos


Zendesk's Demo videos are some of the first things potential customers see when they consider whether or not Zendesk is right for them.

Our goal for this project was to update our seven demo videos to showcase new features while also incorporating some of Zendesk's signature charm. See all seven videos here.

Work spanned across strategy, design, storyboarding, and video production/animation across a powerhouse multidisciplinary team.

Art Direction, Design, Storyboards 

Creative Director: Elyse Kanagaratnam, Kevin Cline
Lead Art Director: Sam Bathe
Art Direction: Eve Spears, Kimberly Mar
Design: Arienne Gagui, Faustine Gheno
Producer: Ariana Blair
Writer: Ken Hammond, Julia Oller
Animation: Tori Cincotta, Colin Thomas, Zach Youse
Video Editor: Victor Duran
Sound Design: Daniel Petersen