CX Trends 
2022 Report 


CX Trends is an annual research report that highlights Zendesk’s thought-leadership approach to customer service.

It's focal point was an Interactive Report that explores five common traps that hold businesses back. With regional, segment, and industry deep dives for personalized data cuts, and next steps for visitors to take action. Check out the full CX Trends campaign and interactive experience here


Art Direction

Our hero asset for the CX Trends 2022 campaign is a puzzle visual that represents knowledge gained throughout the CX Trends experience. As readers advance through the campaign (and Interactive Report) the puzzle can be represented as filled, empty, or somewhere in between.

The shapes each represent a piece of the CX Trends puzzle. A dynamic element that ties back to a lesson or idea within the campaign. 

Multiple mixed shapes can be seen in places where ideas are intermingled such as within the report. As you travel through the campaign shapes can be collected and will be used as a signifier of progress within the interactive report.


Gated Landing Page

The CX Trends 2022 Landing Page is the entryway into the CX Trends 2022 experience and guides readers to the full Interactive Report.


Illustrations &

The CX Trends 2022 Report featured pictogram illustrations that use the same 3D styling as our hero puzzle art. Select illustrations showcase visual representations for elements such as AI automation, conversational service, chat bots, reports, and growth, and messaging.


Art Direction & Illustration

Creative Director: Sam Bathe
Art Direction: Kimberly Mar
Team: Kimberly Mar, Corey Gedrose, Margarida Chincho, Cristina Mendoza Magari
Animation: Marja Siu