15 Years of Zendesk


15 Years of Zendesk is an internal campaign aiming to celebrate a big milestone in the company’s history- 15 years!

Part campaign and part nostalgia trip the Zendesk brand team worked to create a website and activities to celebrate the culture and history of Zendesk. 

View the 15 Years of Zendesk website here


Visual Direction and Concept

Key moments in Zendesk history were selected and placed into a trading card style timeline on the 15 Years of Zendesk microsite for employees to collect and revisit.


Art Direction & Illustration

Art Direction: Kimberly Mar, Reece Wykes
Creative Director: Sam Bathe
Illustration: Kimberly Mar, Reece Wykes, Nous Vous, Freya Dobrindt, DeAnna Akpobiyeri, Gemma Purkiss
Producer: Kevin Tsukii
Copywriting: Corey Gedrose, Kendrick Hammond, Julia Oller & Kate Crane
Production Design: Paige Carrington
Website Design & Build: Phantom